Sorry Sorrow

All day I am surrounded

By no one, no one at all

Then when the gate clunk sounded

Your smile and call

Come in like a whirlwind

Of spring puppy play

A breeze of new beginnings a ray

Of sunshine and peaches

The leeches have crawled away

The darkness inside me

Lit up by your light

You hand me a chance

Which I just might

Be able to scramble

Towards me you come

You touch me, too much

Darkness in my tum

Envelops me as such

I can’t show you

My holy hollow

Sorry Sorrow

Published by Gif-Art

Follow androgynous blogger, poet, artist, Criminology & Psychology scholar and revolutionary socialist Kahlo on their journey of self expression, transitioning and development. They write about Criminology & Psychology subjects in a socialist context, rehabilitation and recovery of childhood trauma, domestic and sexual abuse and the mental health conditions as a result. Woven through is a strong sense of social justice, accountability and self-determination.

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