Fuort mar los / Ga maar weg /Please go

Ik seach dy rjocht

in ‘e eagen

de wierheit is lichter

dan de leagen

de leafde starker

dan de eangst

herteskuorrende pyn

draaglikker dan skuld

yn ‘e skuld troch trou

by bern en frou

fuort mar los

myn leave…

Ik kijk je recht

in de ogen

de waarheid is lichter

dan de leugen

de liefde sterker

dan de angst

hartverscheurende pijn

draaglijker dan schuld

in de schuld door trouw

by kind en vrouw

ga maar weg

mijn lief

I look you straight

in the eyes

the truth is lighter

than the lie

love is stronger

than fear

heartbreaking pain

more bearable

than blame

in guilt by loyalty

with child and wife

please go

my love

By Gif – Fryslan, 2005

Published by Gif-Art

Follow androgynous blogger, poet, artist, Criminology & Psychology scholar and revolutionary socialist Kahlo on their journey of self expression, transitioning and development. They write about Criminology & Psychology subjects in a socialist context, rehabilitation and recovery of childhood trauma, domestic and sexual abuse and the mental health conditions as a result. Woven through is a strong sense of social justice, accountability and self-determination.

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