Goal / Doel

19th of November 1992

The goal is far and foggy

It pulls and pushes

Full of impatience cunningly hides

For the future covered

Crumbled, washed out

Aimlessly hanging around

My phantasy cooled

Without finding a reason

What do I do and why, why?

My thoughts getting stuck

Going after the facts?

Entangled and mad by all the choices

I follow my aimless life

Het doel is ver en mistig

Het duwt en trekt

Vol ongeduld verschuild zich listig

Voor de toekomst afgedekt

Afgebrokkeld, weggespoeld

Doelloos hang ik rond

Mijn fantasie is afgekoeld

Zonder dat ik reden vond

Wat moet ik doen waarom, waarom?

Loop ik vast met mijn gedachten

Achter alle feiten aan?

Verward en gekgemaakt door alle keuzes

Loop ik achter mijn doelloos leven aan

Published by Gif-Art

Follow androgynous blogger, poet, artist, Criminology & Psychology scholar and revolutionary socialist Kahlo on their journey of self expression, transitioning and development. They write about Criminology & Psychology subjects in a socialist context, rehabilitation and recovery of childhood trauma, domestic and sexual abuse and the mental health conditions as a result. Woven through is a strong sense of social justice, accountability and self-determination.

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